Benchmark Bouquets Red Roses & White Oriental Lilies with Vase – Fresh Flowers




About the product
  • SHIPPED IN BUD STAGE: This beautiful flower bouquet ships directly from our farms in the flowers’ bud stage to ensure a long life; the blooms will open in 2 or 3 days. We pick most flowers in bud form. They travel much better, and last longer.
  • FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING: All our flowers ship overnight. Free overnight Prime delivery ensures that your flowers will arrive fresh. Please confirm your date at checkout! Unfortunately, there are no Saturday, Sunday, or Monday deliveries.
  • THE PERFECT GIFT: Check the box labeled “This is a gift” in your cart or at checkout and write a personalized message. When your flowers arrive, the recipient can peel back the shipping label to reveal your note. Don’t forget to sign your name!
  • FARM TO FRONT DOOR: Unlike any other companies that deliver fresh flowers to doorsteps, we are the growers, designers, and distributors. Behind every bouquet of flowers is a Benchmark Bouquets farmer, their story, and their life’s work.
  • CONSISTENT QUALITY: Our floral designers arrange each bouquet specifically to maintain quality and consistency for its overnight trip. Remove the flowers from the box, cut the stems, and place them in a vase with fresh water and a flower food packet.
  • FARM FRESH BLOOMS: Our Red Roses and Oriental White Lilies bouquet features a marvelous mix of long-stem red roses, classic white oriental lilies, an assortment of fresh greenery, and unique filler flowers. This bouquet comes complete with a vase.


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